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and LED Lighting Tube which is widely applied to Stage Background, Music Tour, Live Show, Mobile Advertisement, Digital Bill Board, TV Studio, Indoor and Outdoor Signs and Lighting.
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Common knowledge about LED display


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the comparison between Nichia, Cree, Silan, Epistar LED display


The LED display scanning mode of calculation method and difference

About flexible LED curtain display


Featured Product

Transparent Soft LED Display

transparent soft LED display 90% weight saving,
90% installation time saving,
90% transport cost saving,
Totally 90% project cost saving, 
one-time invest, long term benefit

Transparent Flexible LED Curtain Display is composed of flexible strips in which the high illumination SMD LED is embedded, with its slim body, light weight and fast installation, it is the most popular product all over the world...


Flodable Flexible LED Module Curtain Display

flexible LED curtain 1. flexible: foldable with 360 degree;   

2. highest definition: pitch 6mm flexible screen;       

 3. SLim body: the whole screen is only 1 cm thickness;      

 4. high brightness and high IP level for outdoor ...

Flexible LED module display is a new invention that break through various bottle-neck compared with traditional LED display, it occupys the invention patent and Utility model patent in China, United States, United Union, United kingdom and many other country.


Flex LED module display is composed of many small module which are connected together by steel wire, the display can be folded with 360 degree between each module



Soft LED Drapery Screen

flexible LED drapery curtain Ultra-light weight, slim body
Easy and fast installation, demolition
Soft, flexible, can be curved freely
Alternative controlling system

soft LED display is a dynamic drapery based on advanced LED illumination technologies and control sytems.

Made of high-quality drapery
the face marterial of soft LED display is a kind of synthetic dynamic fabric on which there is a layer of ruber which is waterproof, fire retartant, durable and wrinkle resistant. Ideal for outdoor venues and high humidity climates, and because it doesn't hold wrinkles, it's great for touring shows.

Designed for easy transport and simple setup
soft LED display is lightweight unit that fits in a single road case. The power/data supplies and controllers are also cleanly integrated into compact road cases ready to plug and play.


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